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Top 5 Reasons to Get an App for Your E-commerce Project

Nowadays more and more people manage their daily lives with smartphones. Such routine activities like making an appointment with a doctor, ordering food delivery and, of course, shopping can be easily done with the help of a mobile device.

With a user-friendly app built specifically for your e-commerce business, you may study your target audience more thoroughly, track their wants and needs and, as a result, improve customer experience. You don’t need to send tons of promotion letters that are likely to end up in spam and irritate your users. Instead of these useless activities, your customers will get push notifications with special offers. And that is much easier!

This is just one of the hundreds reasons to get an app that will work for your e-commerce business. If your purpose is to grow your product and stay ahead of the competitors, a mobile app is nothing but must-have. 

In this short article, we’re going to expand on top 5 reasons to build an app for your project and grow your revenue. 

Top 5 Reason to Get an App for Your E-commerce Business



  • Customers Prefer Apps to Websites and Mobile Browsers


Having a mobile-friendly website is necessary to grow your digital presence. But even with the best-in-class website, your reach is not entirely defined. The numbers are pretty impressive: the average user checks his smartphone 96 times a day and spends 90% of this time on apps. It’s not surprising that users prefer apps to mobile websites since apps are faster and more convenient for a shopping experience. 

It’s much easier for a user to launch an app from home screen of the smartphone and click several buttons to place an order. Instead of following a long-lasting procedure of launching a web browser and finding your websites, your client will purchase products just in several clicks.  Moreover, if your site is loading more than 2 seconds, you will probably lose about half of your potential customers.


  • The Conversion Rates Will Be Increased 


If you have already tried to use such options like email marketing and campaigns in social media but there is still a lack of conversion rates, consider trying one more way to encourage your customers to buy the goods push notifications. It’s harder for users to ignore notifications popping up on the screens of their devices than to miss your email among dozens of other promotional letters. 

The open rates speak for themselves: 50% of users open push notifications compared to only 22% of emails. As a result, the users are more likely to place an order after opening your push notification and looking through the special offers via an app. 


The same can be applied to social media campaigns — you need to target your audience in social media, the users have to see your ads, go to your website and make an order. Yes, it’s better to have several marketing channels to reach your audience, but if you are on a tight budget and want to enrich your audience while satisfying your current customers, consider getting an app for your e-commerce business. 


  • Better Customer Experience


Your customers will spend more money if you provide them with top-notch service and better customer experience. Think about making your customers’ lives easier don’t make them google your site or call for an order. 


Convenient interface combined with fast checkout, payment via the app, possibility to track the order and chat support will boost customer experience, increase sales and attract new audience. You may also personalize customer experience by tracking orders history and providing custom push notifications for different groups of customers. 


  • Customer Loyalty Will Be Increased


You will get a more loyal audience if you have an app. When users download and launch an app, they probably have intention to make a purchase. When users open your website, it doesn’t mean that they want to place an order — the users might just be checking out prices or looking for contact information. On the contrary, users who download your app are already interested in your products and spend more time in the app and, thus, they are more likely to place an order. 


One more option to increase customer loyalty with an app is to introduce a loyalty program. Customers spend money more willingly when they get some kind of reward for it. 


One of the good examples is a personal discount — the more money your customers spend, the bigger discount they get. Another option is creating a bonus system — customers get points for each purchase and have a possibility to pay with them after collecting a certain amount of points. 



  • Enhanced Customer Research 


Mobile apps help you capture and analyze such important data as customers’ needs, their response to particular features of an app and estimate the lengths of their sessions. It will help you promote and develop your app more efficiently, plan the marketing strategy and updates according to the needs of your audience. 


Such insights allow you to analyze customers’ behavior, improve shopping experience, enrich your audience with loyal customers and generate revenue for your e-commerce business. 


It’s Time to Scale Up Your Business With a Mobile App!


Now it is obvious that customers prefer mobile apps to websites. It’s essential for any business to adapt to changes in order to enrich the audience, provide better shopping experience for the loyal customers, generate revenue and stay afloat in such trying times.


When you’re aware of the top reasons to build an app for your e-commerce project, it’s time to make the first step to your success. Get in touch with us and our team of seasoned engineers will turn your idea into a profitable app!

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